There Is Neither Good Nor Bad, Only Love

We have to observe obviously, not only our lives but also what is going on around us ­ the misery , the conflict, the violence, the extraordinary sense of despair, the sorrow, the meaningless existence that one leads. And to escape from that we resort to all kinds of fanciful, sectarian beliefs.

Gurus are multiplying like mushrooms all over the world. They are bringing their own particular fancy , their traditions and imposing it on others; that is not religion. That is sheer nonsense, traditional acceptance of what has been, what is dead and put into different words and different circumstances.

So it becomes very important, it seems to me, not only that we must bring about a change in the world outside us, but also a total revolution psychologi cally, inwardly. That seems to me the most urgent and necessary thing. That change will bring about naturally and inevitably , a change in the social structure, in our relationship, in our whole activity of life.

Understand conflict

To understand conflict, we must understand relationship, and the understanding of relationship does not depend on memory , on habit, on what has been or what should be.It depends on choice-less awareness from moment to moment, and if we go into it deeply , we shall see that in that awareness there is no accumulative process at all.

The moment there is accumulation, there is a point from which to examine, and that point is conditioned; and hence, when we regard relationship from a fixed point, there must be pain, there must be conflict.

I wonder if there is such a thing as evil? Please give your attention, go with me, let us enquire together. We say there is good and evil. There is envy and love, and we say that envy is evil and love is good. Why do we divide life, calling this good and that bad, thereby creating the conflict of the opposites?only love
Not that there is no envy , hate, brutality in the human mind and heart, an absence of compassion, love, but why do we divide life into the thing called good and the thing called evil? Is there not actually only one thing, which is a mind that is inattentive? Surely , when there is complete attention, that is, when the mind is totally aware, alert, watchful, there is no such thing as evil or good; there is only an awakened state.

Goodness then is not a quality, not a virtue, it is a state of love. When there is love, there is neither good nor bad, there is only love. When you really love somebody , you are not thinking of good or bad, your whole being is filled with that love. It is only when there is the cessation of complete attention, of love, that there comes the conflict between what i am and what i should be. Then that which i am is evil, and that which i should be is the so-called good.

You watch your own mind and you will see that the moment the mind ceases to think in terms of becoming something, there is a cessation of action which is not stagnation; it is a state of total attention, which is goodness.

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