There Are Many Ways To Overcome Fear

We’ve recently had several conversations with friends who commented on fear being so prevalent today in the general consciousness. “Fear of what?“ we asked.“Everything,“ they said. “Losing jobs, going broke, violence, relationships …“

Fear shuts down our life force. Like depression or other problems that inhibit the flow of positive energy , fear starts a negative cycle that becomes self reinforcing ­ decreased energy causes decrease in will which, in turn, reduces our energy even further. Fortunately , there are ways to reverse this cycle.

In theory at least, it is easy to overcome any problem: Simply put out equal or greater energy in the opposite direction. The best way to cancel a negative tendency is to develop its positive counterpart. To overcome fear, develop faith or non-attachment.

Start with small steps. Concentrate first on simply increasing the flow of physical energy . Exercise daily, do some deep breathing, and practice the Energisation Exercises that Paramhansa Yogananda taught.

Then apply your increased energy to overcoming fear. Think of fear like a wildfire in the brain. Stomp out the small sparks right away before they have time to start a conflagration.speakthetruth

Most fear centres around losing something you value. The more you develop non-attachment, the less vulnerable you will be. Every night, before you sleep, give all your possessions and desires back to God. Make Him responsible for your well being and security . In the morning you can have the responsibility back again if you want.

Replace fear thoughts through the use of affirmation. Here is an affirmation for courage tha is an affirmation for courage that Swami Kriyananda suggests in his book, Affirmations for Self-healing: “I live protected by God’s infinite light. So long as I remain in the heart of it, nothing and no one can harm me,“ followed by this beautiful prayer: “I look to Thee for my strength, Lord. Hold me closely in Thy arms of love. Then, whatever happens in my life I shall accept with joy .“

Use this affirmation just before you go to sleep and immediately when you wake up. Say it several times with deep sinceri ty, driving it into the subconscio usness, and then finally lifting it into the superconsciousness. It will become a powerful ally to help you drive out fear.

Fear originates in parts of the primitive brain that are pre-verbal. Visualization helps re-programme reactive processes in these areas.Visualize yourself bathed in a golden light that both protects and strengthens you. See the light especially bright in your heart centre, radiating away all little dark clouds of attachment and anxiety . The more clearly and power fully you visualize, the more quickly the light can change your very brain cells.

Here is a final tool to change thought habits: Give to others that which you want for yourself. In this case, give love and security to others. Look for at least two opportunities each day to allay fear in someone else.

One of the opportunities should be for a friend or loved one. But the other, if possible, should be for a stranger. This practice unleashes the infinite power of the law of karma and the Golden Rule, which advises us to give unto others that which we would like to receive ourselves.

Remember, that God’s infinite love and protection already surrounds you.Your job is simply to recognize its presence and let it work its magic. As Paramhansa Yogananda said, “To those who think me near, I will be near.“

Source: TOI, Speaking Tree, 06 Nov’2015