The Benefits of Earned Links over Built Links

Back linking is one of the essentials keys to success in any SEO campaign, whether they are generated by the SEO specialist or linked to by fellow bloggers and website owners alike. Generating links is an excellent SEO strategy and can lead to increased ranking, traffic and page authority, however earned links give all the same benefits along with a few others.

The Benefits of Earned Links

Earned links from do follow sources provide not only transferred link juice, adding to your websites domain authority and page rank, but also give you added exposure from the audiences that view those sources.

Since Google’s algorithm attributes more value to new links from new IP addresses, gaining numerous back links from websites compared to built links from the same IP address (i.e. personally owned blogs, social media shares, etc.)

Having a fellow blogger, industry professional or business link to your content informs Google and the world that your content is worth linking to because it provides added value to the internet. As the saying goes, content is king, and the accumulation of inbound links from external sites is great indicator that you are producing great content.

Great, so how do I gain earned links?

Gaining earned links is no simple task, but there are a few ways that can boost your SEO campaign.

Focus on Value Added Content

This is an absolute must. Don’t produce content that is useless to users and developed for search engines. Google has elements of it’s algorithm that detects for this type of practice and your website may suffer a penalty. A website can suffer from poorly produced content.
To produce great content, research your information and provide links to other helpful sources backing up your content. Relevancy is a strong component in the quality of your content, as well as, factual accuracy. If you write with the user in mind and answer all the questions that one would ask when coming to your page then you are providing value.
benefits of earned links

Market Your Content

Once you have developed your content, proofed it, and believe it’s ready to be published, start the presses and tell your followers and friends on social media sites. Remember, the more eyes that read your content, the more likely it will be shared, liked and tweeted about.

Leverage community-based Marketing sites

This is closely related to the second point above, however, the difference between the two are the users involved the way your are marketing your content.

Network with bloggers.

Building a network of fellow bloggers can come in handy when trying to boost your SEO campaign results. When you produce content, perhaps someone within your network also creates content in the same category as yours. From there you can ask him or her if they would link to your page by using the desired keywords your page is optimized for in their link text (Using the LSI keywords or targeted keywords to link to your site further optimizes your page for the desired keyword).


Earned links provide more value to your SEO campaign over built links because:
  • are harder to gain therefore add more value.
  • inbound external links from different IP addresses carrying link juice,
  • displays that your content is well-written and provides value,
  • built links can be created by the hundreds upon thousands, however when they come from the IP address the value carried over to your website is less than an unique link from a new site.
Remember, when creating content you should always have the user in mind and write with a value-added approach. Writing content with these two factors in mind will surely aid you in gaining those earned back links.
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