Stay hydrated throughout the year

In the summer, it may be easier to understand why staying hydrated is important since the warm temperatures can cause dehydration. However, not many understand why their body needs to be hydrated all year long. It’s because water helps with your normal body functioning.


Your body is made up mostly of water, about 70 percent! Just a small loss of fluid in your muscles can impair their function. Lack of water in the body means your muscles don’t have enough minerals, and this can make your muscles weak and difficult to control.


Your liver and kidneys are built-in toxin removers. There are many substances produced in your body that need to be removed via your liver and kidneys. Water is the conduit to help that occur more effectively and efficiently . With adequate water in your system, the toxins will leave your body faster.


If you want to keep your mind sharp, you’ll need water to help you do it. If you don’t drink enough water, it will impact your performance. It can affect your short-term memory , ability to process things quickly and even visually track things. So, stay sharp by staying hydrated.

Many don’t realise how crucial it is to stay well hydrated not only in the summer but also the winter. Did you know that proper hydration will actually help your body fight off illness in the cold weather months?
So, if you want keep performing at optimal levels, actively hydrate yourself with water.

A glass of water that makes drinking plain water fun with refreshing flavors.

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