Some ideas for Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] Activities

Social responsibility becomes an integral part of the wealth creation process – which if managed properly should enhance the competitiveness of business and maximize the value of wealth creation to society.

Corporate social responsibility includes a vast area. You can choose several themes and issues based on your own priority. For example, you can choose to work for Education, Agriculture, Health, Discrimination etc. Again you can decide to work whether you will follow direct approach or right based approach. You can start some fellowships to the needy for education or social activities. If you have more resources you can fund for several projects based on your priority area to NGOs, Community-based organizations etc. Everything depends on the decision on your part to utilize for the betterment of society along with your vision and mission.

1. Adopt a small village
2. Educate the people on sanitation, cleanliness, good habits
through counselors appointed by company
3. Tree plantation in the approach roads
4. Clean the beach areas /rivers with a voluntary team
5. Take the orphanage children for a movie/outing
6. Talk to the old age homes and arrange some entertainment to them
7. Help the old age home inmates writing letters to their near and dear ones
8. Give them used/old mobile sets with incoming call facility
9. organize free medical/blood donation camps
10.Giving used clothes, shoes, school bags, books to the deserved ones
11. Free service at Govt Hospitals, where our attention is required by group of service minded people
12. Arrange dustbins for collecting garbage in villages
13. Opening Employment bureau, collect opportunities list for all kind of people and coordinate with unemployed youth to engage them gainfully
14. Offer Project trainee opportunities to unemployed youth fresh from colleges ( MBA, Graduates/Post graduates, Engineers, Diploma holders, ITIs) give them training of minimum 6 months ( unpaid apprentice like)
and give them a certificate of completion of training.
15. Organize Yoga/physical fitness camps

Some broad areas for you to focus on could be:
– environmental issues
– use of RTI
– impacting the physical environment in an around the workplace or the city
– education of the underprivileged
– societal needs like old age homes, orphanages, palliative care
– an outreach based CSR like adopting a village and ensuring its upliftment
– Support/employment to the disadvantaged or challenged

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