Self before the team? Think again

Being good at your own work is something most of us do quite efficiently. However, the real battle begins when one needs to work cohesively with the entire team and bring out the performance of the entire team with a collective output.As some may perceive it to be, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being an individual player. After all, every professional works for chalking his own career path and not his/her colleagues’. However, it can be slightly conflicting to be caught into a situation wherein, while looking after your own goals and targets, you have to simultaneously work towards the goal setting and achieving for the entire team. While it might cause stress for many , it is not that difficult a task.

The bond that needs to be created among the team members when there is more of individual performance in the team than a team performance. First of all, the individual and even his/her team members need to understand that there is absolutely nothing as strong as unity . One may be able to win games with his/her talent, but championships can only be won if you are working as a team. So, most organisations prefer team play over individual player’s out-of-the-box performance. It is often extremely difficult for an individual player to create a bond with the team members, but there are a few ways to build up good rapport with the colleagues. If one finds it difficult to share data, it is best to define a process and share it on a common platform. During a meeting, in case you are not able to make a point among others, present that thought as a presentation or an email and circulate it among the team members to get their feedback. This will gradually acclimatise you with presenting thoughts, accepting rejections or defending your point. Slowly and gradually , you will start relating to your team members and work cohesively .teamwork

Trying to emerge as a team member also means shedding personal inhibitions and being able to gel with the team members better. Generally , individual players are idealistic and tend to work with unique perspectives.They are more comfortable if their roles are defined and they prefer independence in their work. In order to be able to become a team player, they need to share work and ideas with the team members. While team members have the ability to understand the thinking and requirements of a variety of individual players, it largely depends on the individual players to come forward and show equal respect and understanding towards the team culture. To be able to cooperate in terms of work, they need to appreciate the work done by all the members and be receptive to suggestions and feedback.

Ultimately , it all boils down to the comfort zone and playing to one’s strengths. Every employee needs to consider himself/herself as part of a team for a business to function smoothly . If one wants to become a team player, one needs to give the interest of their team the highest priority . Learn to give credit instead of taking it.Keep your ego in check and appreciate the team for good, rather than constantly focusing on the shortcomings.You can be the smartest person on earth, but if you cannot empathize with your team, you cannot build a genuine, long lasting relationship with them.