Rudraksha to attain spirituality

Since time immemorial, our ancient sages, saints, and yogis have found remedies and tapped natural resources for a balanced human evolution.The foremost and common tool for all of them was rudraksha, which is said to be a gift of lord Shiva. They realized its power to reduce stress, and increase meditative focus and concentration.

Rudralife has done an in-depth research and interaction with innumerable customers for a period of 16 years, which has resulted in powerful and popular combinations for spiritual growth. Shiv Mala and Dhyan Yog Mala are powerful combinations for meditation, pranayama, and yogic practices since they help in opening and cleansing the chakras and bless the wearer to receive the divine bounty.Rudraksha

The Gauri Shankar Kantha is an auspicious Kantha made of 32 beads of Gauri Shankar rudraksha and is strung in wool, in accordance with the ancient scriptures.This combination expands consciousness and helps in establishing a connection between inner self and super consciousness. Ajna Chakra, which is a 14 Mukhi rudraksha, is good for meditating on the third eye. It helps to awaken the sixth sense and enhances the intuitive capacity. The 19 Mukhi rudraksha, blessed by Lord Vishnu, balances all the chakras and is best for attaining higher, spiritual goals of Dharana and Samadhi. Those who wear such combinations attain spiritual benefit and the rudraksha cleanse and balance the chakras to enhance the intuitive faculties, instilling a sense of calm. Thus the positive outlook of the wearer helps achieve success and attain prosperity in their material lives also. Rudralife, founded in 2001 has conducted over 750 successful exhibitions worldwide.It has been the first choice of astrologers, healers, jewelers etc., as a good source of buying genuine laboratory tested rudraksha that connects them to Shiva.

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