No chaos can take over your calm and successful life

Each of us gets hit by chaos at some time or other, when everything seems to go wrong at the same time, and Murphy’s Law kicks in with a vengeance. Multiple issues demand attention simultaneously, and each seems more important than the other. What do you do at such times?
During a live Twitter chat, someone asked me how I manage in the midst of chaos. The answer came to me in a flash. “I become still and wait for it to pass over. Sthir. Centred.Meditative.“ If the only constant is change, one has to believe that bad times will pass too, just like good times get over all too soon. That’s life.

Being still does not mean lack of action. It is a withdrawal and detachment in order to shift the action within, a focus within to gain insight into what is outside you. And, I do believe that in any given situation, we always have a choice, which means the power still rests with us. The responsibility of choice is ours, and that is how we control our destiny.calm and successful life

So when multiple issues seem equally important, centred within myself, I concentrate on narrowing the focus to the one issue that cannot wait, or the one I cannot do without. Invariably, one of them rises above the others, and the choice is made. A centre of calm has been used to clear the surrounding chaos.

It is when the centre cannot hold that all chaos reins. Remember WB Yeats’ The Second Coming?
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned.The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.

What beautiful lines. The centre falls apart when “the best lack all conviction“ (cannot be centred and take responsibility into their hands) and when in that vacuum, the worst are “full of passionate intensity“. A reflection of the times, don’t you think? Indeed, it is important that the centre must hold ­ a still, all-knowing centre that makes the world go round. And a centre that keeps you steady and peaceful.

The Earth’s gravitational pull centres its life forms. Oceans, air and gases do not slip off into space because gravitation keeps them anchored.The Earth’s molten core keeps us safe from radiation by creating the magnetic field that surrounds Earth. At the centre of every successful project is a calm, focused person. At the centre of every happy family is a sorted couple. A happy family and good relationships serve as the centre of every happy person’s life. If the centre is unsteady, everything scatters, and chaos rules.

So, what centres you? What keeps you steady, recharges you, provides you with answers to all your queries? It could be your family unit. It could be the person you love most in the world. It could be a hobby or even your occupation. The only way to know what centres you is to think of the person or activity that gives you a sense of extreme security and peace. This is your sacred space that emanates peaceful, happy vibes to all parts of your life. Keeping this in mind, you make your choices and tackle the fallout.

But ultimately, the centre has to be within you ­ there can be no better space to retreat to than within. This is where every question gets answered and all search ends. Your best and only centre is actually within you.

If this centre is disturbed, all else starts crumbling. Think of it as your charging zone. This is where you get the ability to manage your emotions and deal with pressure ­ the secret to great performance. When you are centred, you are thinking right and are balanced. It is the seat of your individual consciousness as well as your conscience.Carl Jung warned that destruction occurs when people lose their individual consciousness and become overcome by emotion.

How to Centre Yourself

Distance yourself from situations for a clear perspective


Stay positive

Block all negativity


Don’t hesitate to act on your belief

Don’t waste time regretting. Focus on resolving.

Don’t be scared to reframe perspective.

Seek help from support group.