National e-governance plan is an initiative of the GOI to make all government services available via electronic means. However, who will provide these services? In most district offices of both the State and the Central governments, about half the sanctioned posts are vacant, and a large percentage of existing employees are old, and reluctant to learn computer- based tech. Most of the district heads are also ignorant after their short course of training.

As a result, government services are unsatisfactory. The government can name all the schemes and projects it wants, but successful implementation is never done due to a lack of proper vigilance. You stated that e-governance is much needed to curb corruption, fraud etc. The PAHAL scheme was introduced to stop corruption in the domestic gas supply system and to save money in the form of subsidy. Let’s look at an example to see why corruption will continue: Two persons, namely A and B, are using LPG under the PAHAL scheme.

A requires 9 cylinders per year and B requires 6. Both live in a rural area. I was astonished to learn that their gas cylinders are being booked during the unbooked months by the dealer/distributor and gas cylinders are sold in the open market for personal profit. Subsidies for these cylinders are also being transferred to the Bank account of A & B. Thus, the government loses money for 3 + 6 = 9 cylinders @ 208.18 for each = 1,873.62 per year due to the hacking of PAHAL accounts by the dealer/distributor. That can be averaged to ` 900 per person per year! The new government relaunched the Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) scheme, but the certificates aren’t available in rural post offices.

I got one in March 2015, then another in May 2015, and since then no more certificates have been available. I wrote emails to the Chief Post Master General W.B. and the Secretary, Department of Posts, GOI, but got no acknowledgement, let alone a reply. You’ve rightly said that technology is the only thing that can change this. Very few students in rural areas know computers, and this is what needs to change. We need to make computer science compulsory in the syllabus. E-learning would also help. The common student has to spend a lot for private tuition, despite the big budget by the government for education.

national e governance schemeI should mention some positives as well: The Directorate of Public Grievances ( is doing a good job. Anyone can file a complaint against any department on its site. One kilometer of concrete road is being paved in every village, the MGNREGA schemes are being successfully implemented, I can withdraw pension from an ATM in a remote village, purchase railway and air tickets from home, pay my telephone and electric bill and send money via net banking, and electricity and water are being supplied to each village.