Monsoon skin care

The rains have brought down the temperature a bit, and the fragrance of wet earth is intoxicating. Although the rains have come as a relief after the heat and sweat of summer, the season comes with its share of problems, too. The damp weather brings with it a host of infections, diseases, allergies and, of course, dull and lifeless skin. But using beauty products means letting the harsh chemicals present in them wreaking havoc on your delicate skin. Hence the need to select products carefully to ensure that your skin is nurtured and protected the right way .


Bringing together the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, and healing powers of aloe vera, Aloe Veda brings you a range of per sonal care products. Made in col laboration with nature, all products are vege tarian and made from natural herbal extracts, the finest essential oils, plant glycerin and safe synthetic ingredients.

Aloe Veda is a customer-focused luxury wellness brand with a portfolio of 200 skin and environment-friendly products.All the products are paraben-free, mineral oil free, cruelty-free and made with utmost care for the users and the environment. The brand’s products can be purchased across all online marketplaces and at over 400 high-profile stores, across 32 cities in the country .monsoon


Reginald Pathrose, MD, Aloe Veda, suggests the following tips to keep your skin healthy during the monsoons… Water consumption must be in creased during the rainy season to keep skin hydrated. Hydration also helps wash off toxins from the body .

The sun might be in hiding, but don’t forget to slather on your sun screen.

Avoid bleaching and facials during this season, as the chemicals can make your skin rough.

Ensure that your cleanser is mild and doesn’t remove the natural moisture of your skin. Use a detox ifying face wash with activated charcoal to gently remove oil and grime from your skin.

An alcohol-free astringent face toner, preferably with witch hazel must be used after each wash to close pores and restore the pH balance of your skin.

The rainy season makes the skin dry and dehydrated, so ensure you moisturise regularly with natural oils and after bath oils to keep it healthy .

During monsoons, use a natural scrub or ubtan at least twice a week. Exfoliating helps remove the layers of dead skin, thereby giving you a fresh and clean glow.

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