Let Translate Words Into Action

Mere mention of water cannot quench your thirst and just by uttering the word `sugar’, you cannot sweeten your mouth. Likewise, if a man only talks about crores of wealth, it is not going to make him rich. That is why saints have emphasised that if only talks were enough without corresponding action, then everyone would have qualified to be a saint. Many people are limited to mere speeches or saintly attire, long journeys or holy baths, but actions that are characteristic of being `spiritual’ are absent.

Recitation of scriptures has its own importance; even more important is to put into action what they say . Scriptures share the same message that leads one to salvation. Differences do exist in the style of narration or articulation. These can be attributed to the influence of cultures, time periods or eras in which the author has lived.

What we know is what we believe.Our beliefs are confined to the parameters of our knowledge. But without divine knowledge, we remain in darkness and are deprived of reaching the destination. Across the 8.4 million known living species, eating, drinking and procreating is common to all. Human beings however enjoy the exclusive privilege of contemplating whether one has reached the higher state of mind illuminated by the realisation of all-pervading Omnipresent God or whether the golden opportunity is getting wasted in falsehood and illusions and all one becomes at the end of this journey is a pile of ashes.

If you are wasting the opportunity , then, you might fail to get freedom from the bondage of the birth and death cycle.All religious scriptures give this message; it carries the same relevance as earlier and is always addressed to people living in the present.words into action

So all materialistic achievements are nil in worth unless you connect with God. Once God is part of your life, then everything from being beautiful and wealthy to becoming accomplished and successful is welcome and appreciable. When the Divine becomes the base of one’s life, then there will be purity , good will, love; there will be no place left for hatred, jealousy , belittling others or snatching from one another by playing clever games.

All worldly aspects like wealth, kingdom or powers are welcome provided the Almighty is firmly placed in one’s life. Therefore, the knowledge of the Almighty and its significance is relevant for one and all ­ irrespective of the language one speaks or the place where one lives, the clothes one wears, the food one eats.

The message is universal in nature ­ the mode of expression can vary from a poem to a song or narration. This message should be spread far and wide so that every soul gets salvation, humanity gets strongly established in the world and the love that emanates from it lends beauty in every way . It is love that brings peace and harmony . Hatred has never done any good. It has only made things ugly and devastated all. It is love and the feeling of kinship or brotherhood that brings beauty in the form of peace and harmony . Let us, therefore, act on what we read and recite from our rich heritage of scriptures and discover the divine experiences that lie ahead of us.

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