Laser hair removal is now with Trio Ultima

Tired of trying to decide which technology to use for your laser hair removal? Well, finally, India has the Trio Ultima ­ the most advanced laser hair removal in the world.

With double the power and cooling, the Trio Ultima requires half the time, less sessions and is completely painless as compared to the weaker and half powered Soprano Platinum Lim ited Edition. In Trio Ul tima, with double the power, you need 30 40% less sessions and the results last longer. Laser hair removalIt es sentially has three different lasers that work to gether to treat all hair types and even the most sensitive of skin. It has one laser for normal and coarse hair, another for fine and resitant hair. The third one is designed to blast the blood vessel that allows the hair follicle to survive. These three lasers work synergistically and are delivered into the hair follicle together, giving the safest and fastest results worldwide for even the most difficult hair textures. There are no side effects because the lasers only attack the hair follicles and there is absolutely no pain.

The Trio Ultima is a true revolution in laser hair removal. A favourite in the West, it is now exclusively available with award-winning Lumiere Dermatology , which has been named the best dermatology centre in India. Specialized in the most advanced lasers, Lumiere focuses on delivering the best results for both men and women.