Indians’ poor food habits fuelling diabetes

What Indians eat and how could be fuelling the dia betes epidemic across the coun try, suggests a new survey that interviewed 4,000 diabetic pa tients across eight cities.

The main culprit could be the Indian craving for rice, fine flour rotis or upma -all carbo hydrate-based foodstuff high on calories but low on muchneeded fibre. Rice accounts for 48% of the daily calorific intake of most Indians.


Considering that most types of white rice rapidly increase the blood sugar levels, caution is advised.

But urban Indians who suffers from diabetes seem far from cautious. The new survey , titled Food, Spikes and Diabetes Survey, showed seven out o f 10 people with diabetes in urban India paid little attention to what and how much they eat.Carbohydrates are supposed to comprise only 60% of the plate, but 70% of those surveyed in Mumbai and 84% of those in Chennai consumed more.

There is also a problem with how Indians eat.Indians tend to eat so fast that the pancreas struggle to produce adequate insulin for metabolising the food.

Source: TOI 06 Nov’2015