Indian tourists rank 10th on spenders

The average Indian has been shedding that price-sensitive when travelling abroad, it tag seems. Indian tourists featured in the global top 10 list of nationalities who spend the most on hotel rooms abroad.

With an average spend of Rs 9,351 per night, including taxes, when on an international trip, Indian travellers stood 10th on the list, which was led by travellers from Argentina.The Argentinians spent an average of Rs 10,456 per night followed by US tourists, who spent Rs 10,330 per night. The third rank went to the Swiss, whose av erage hotel room spend per night was Rs 10, 238, said a report released by

But when it came to spending on hotel rooms within their own countries, the Swiss topped the list with an average spend of Rs 12,088 per night, followed by travellers from Singapore, who spent an average of Rs 9,298 per night, and those from Norway , who paid Rs 9,004 a night domestically.

If one were to look at best value accommodation when it came to spending on hotel rooms domestically , Indian travellers ranked fourth with an av erage payment of Rs 5,346 a night.

Topping the list of nationalities who paid the least when travelling domestic were people from Malaysia, who paid an average of Rs 3,645 per night.In the second spot were the Thai, who spent an average of Rs 4,502 per night, while those from Russia came third at Rs 5,063.indian tourist

“Of the 32 countries analysed, 29 nations paid more abroad for travel than at home with some showing a significant gap between the two amounts,“ said the report, adding that only those from three countries paid more at home than abroad, with Swiss travellers bearing the highest difference, spending Rs 1,850 more on a domestic hotel than a foreign one. They were followed by travellers from Singapore with a difference of Rs 1,326 and those from Denmark with a difference of Rs 82.

Source: Times of India- 23 Nov’2015