The Indian Paper Industry has evolved to a great extent and Paperex provides a business platform to pulp, paper and all allied industries to excel

The Paper Industry has now emerged as self-ef ficient to meet its domestic demand as well as export the products outside India. Currently there are over 750 pulp and paper mills in India. One of the major characteristics of the paper industry of India is high presence of small and medium sized paper mills.

The Paper Industry in India is expected to grow at the compound annual growth rate of around 9.6% during 2012 -2017, which will make the revenues of paper industry of India to reach at the value of around $11 billion by 2017. The Paper Industry in India is currently passing through the phase in which the focus has been shifting towards the non-wood raw material from the forest fibers for the production of paper and other related products.


The growth in the GDP of India has helped the paper industry significantly. Growth in economy has led to the increase in manufacturing activities which has further led to the increase in the demand for paper products specially the paperboard as the paperboard are extensively utilized by the manufacturing sector for carrying out wide range of activity ranging from packing to storage and transportation etc. The growth in the GDP has also led to the improvement in the purchasing power of the individuals due to which the lifestyle has changed considerably in India.

Recently World Paper Forum shared some current statistics about paper industry like. Globally per capita paper consumption (Kg.yearperson) for Europe is 129 kg, Australia116 kg, Asia 45 kg and in China it is 75 kg. India’s per capita paper consumption is only 10 kg. The Indian Paper In dustry accounts for about 2.6% of the world’s production of paper, providing employment to more than 0.5 million people directly and 1.5 million people indirectly.

Due to growth in literacy, change in lifestyle and increasing consciousness for personal hygiene, per capita consumption of paper and tissue in India is increasing day by day. And per captia increase by 1 kg will lead an increase of Paper Production by one million tons. It is clear that to meet the growing demand, Indian paper industry requires more raw materials and advanced technology. To meet this technology demand India has developed new technologies and latest machinery for paper industry. These innovations are quite economical when compare to international market. Hence now Indian machinery manufacturers and technology supplier have also started catering the international market.That clearly means Paper Industry will contribute more in GDP, export and also increase more employment options in near future in India.


Paperex is a series of international exhibitions and conferences aimed at providing business platform to Pulp, Paper and all Allied industries. Over the years this leading business event has become the perfect business platform for showcasing the entire spectrum of products and services relating to Paper, Pulp and Allied Industries. Paperex since its beginning in 1993 the event has grown by many folds & has established itself as the largest International event for this segment. The event has already seen 11th editions, and its steady growth over the years is a reflection of the increasing capabilities of the Indian industry and the potential for new technologies and investments in the Paper, Pulp and Allied Industries. An interesting dimension of the growth of the event has been the expanding international interest, as evident from the growth in the number of participants as well as visitors from other countries. The growth of “Paperex“ has been possible with the active support & patronage of Indian as well as the International Paper Industry and Associations. The Paperex series of Exhibition and conference has always been a gratifying experience in terms of organization, participation, and generation of new business opportunities in the field of Paper, Pulp and Allied industries.The exhibition showcases increasing capabilities of India’s industry, new technologies and investments in the Paper, Pulp and Allied Industries. ITEI with an active support of various national and International trade associations is organizing the event. World’s largest paper exhibition to take place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi .paper-industry

“We have participated in Paperex since the first edition in 1993 and have watched the exhibition grow from strength to strength in the ensuing years.It is indeed a pleasure to have paperex become the largest pulp and paper event in the world. Ved Krishn, Head of BusinessYash Paper. “The Paper & Pulp Industry has been encouraged by the “Make in India“ initiative started by GoI, which not only aims to boost the economic climate of the Industry, but also aspires to bring an attitudinal shift in the investment patterns and business practices in India,“ says Rajinder Gupta Chairman, Trident Group.

Paperex is the world’s largest paper show which would provide wonderful opportunities and serve as a platform for people associated with Packaging Industry and also their respective users to come together, absorb and exchange the latest technologies from all over the world.

Source : TOI 01 Nov’2015