India 4th most holiday-starved nation

If you feel overworked and under-vacationed, half the country is one over with you on this. In a global study by an online travel agency India is ranked the 4th most vacation-starved country with 65% of those polled complaining of not enough R&R. Only the UAE (76%), Malaysia (73%) and Singapore (71%) have it worse.

The feeling of being deprived of a holiday comes from 68% Indians having to cancel or postpone their vacation due to work commitments. The interesting fact is that while their bosses are more inclined to let them a holiday (70% up from 64% last year), they take fewer days off than their as signed quota (in both 2015 and 2014, vacation time was an average of 16 days). It turns out Indians are addicted to their work. This could be due to competitive work environment .

The survey was conducted among 9,273 employed adults aged 18 years and older in 26 countries across North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific. The survey found 11% `strongly agreeing’ they couldn’t utilize their entire annual holiday quota because they were busy at work.Indians scored the highest on this metric, with 23%.

Guilt associated with shirking work also plays a huge role in Indians taking shorter vacations. 10% Indians saying they feel too guilty to take a vacation, or if they do, it’s shorter than their allotted days. Furthermore, at 68% India is 20 points higher than the global average on vacations cancelled or postponed due to

Missing out on key work opportunities is another deciding factor. 18% Indians worry important work decisions will be made without them if they vacation. Only 13% of those polled in Malaysia and Brazil and 12% in Hong Kong had such worries.

Other factors eating into vacation time is the desire to bank carry over days to the next year. The Swedes at 41% have the highest tendency to bank their holidays, followed by Indians at 32%. Often leave is utilized in recuperating from illnesses. Instead of a massage bed, 10% Indians admitted to having spent their entire holiday allowance on a sickbed. The lure of a longer vacation however is definitely strong among working Indians, as the survey also found that 54% Indians would still prefer more vacation days over a pay rise, the highest globally.

Source: Times of India 22 Nov ‘ 2015