Impact of blood sugar levels (diabetes) on sexual life

Our blood sugar levels can have a huge impact on our sexual life, and when one is suffering from diabetes, our sexual appetite can take a plunge. Men who have diabetes are 2-3 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Many females who are diagnosed with diabetes can experience vaginal dryness. This is caused by hormonal changes to the walls of the vagina and reduced blood flow to the genital area. Diabetics don’t orgasm as easily as others due to vascular changes and nerve damage.

Some sufferers are not aware of the impact diabetes may have on their sexual lives. They can sometimes assume it’s because they’re getting older or because they’ve been with their partner for too long and they’re bored and so they just give up on the whole sex thing. Men have difficulty understanding that their diabetic woman is dry because of the disease and not because she’s not enjoying what he’s doing, and woman have difficulty understanding that their diabetic man is not getting hard, not because he’s not attracted to her, but because of the disease.

In today’s world whether you have diabetes or not, there are so many things that can be done to create magic in the bedroom. A great way to combat the lack of sexual desire is to bring sex toys into your lifestyle. Yes, you heard me correctly! Adding sex toys to your sexual lifestyle can be the answer of your dreams! They can create that bedroom spark that you and your partner may have lost. They can help your and your partner become sexually fulfilled especially if there is an overall lack of energy.Impact of blood sugar levels

For women, the use of g-spot vibrators, rabbit vibrators and clitoral bullets will effortlessly help with clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation. Clitoral orgasms are often the easiest type of orgasm to achieve. So using something to make clitoral orgasms easier would greatly help and should be a very good first choice. Clitoral pumps will also do the trick as they can help enlarge the clitoral area, this will help sex toys do some magic. For the males, electro stimulation can be a big help because it will help to increase erotic pleasure and can also be used to relax muscles and reduce stress. There are normal solid cock rings and there are cock rings with added bullet vibration. Hollow dildos are also a great alternative to lifelike dildos.

Lubrication is also a wonderful way to make sex last longer, increase pleasure and make it all feel more comfortable. There are so many nice lubricants on the market today. There are lubricants that have a cooling affect and lubricants that have a heating affect. There are many different types of lubricant that can all help to enhance the sexual experience. It is also important to note, if you are going through a dry spell, using more lubrication the better because if you use less, you are more likely to have a joyful experience.

You should always consult your doctor. Always do your research and carefully listen to what your body is telling you. You know yourself better than anyone else does. If your doctor prescribes medication, make sure you ask the right questions. Just like most people ask, “Will it affect my ability to drive??” Ask….”Will it affect my sexual drive?” “Will these tablets cause erectile dysfunction?” These are serious questions. Lack of sex between a couple who don’t discuss their lack of sexual drive, often results in withdrawal and sometimes depression. It can affect your self confidence, having you question things like “I’m not desirable or loved anymore”. Then we go to our doctor and say that we are feeling depressed…he gives us anti-depressants which will affect our sexual drive even more than before! Be clear and open about what is really happening. If you’re down because you no longer have a sexual drive, then say that to your doctor!!! Doctors are not mind readers!!

Remember that there is always a solution… only need to look for it!! Have fun and enjoy your journey! The main thing is, to never give up hope and to never stop searching for ways to improve our sexual experiences.

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