How to deal with freak at work and control your boss

Whether it is a control-obsessed boss or an overbearing co-worker, everyone has worked with someone who has a `my way or the highway’ attitude. Dealing with this person isn’t easy but it also might be inevitable.While you’ve somehow managed to handle it so far without snapping, you might be getting close to the end of your rope.

Here are five steps that will not only help you cope with this controlling colleague but also get some work done in the process.

1. Recognize the intentions

When you’re dealing with someone who seems to want to micromanage every small detail of every single project, it can be tough to see him or her as anything more than meddling and obnoxious. But, recognizing the positive attributes of this person’s work ethic will make working with him easier.

This person probably doesn’t behave this way to purposely annoy you or make your job difficult. He’s just passionate about the work he does and wants it to be as polished and professional as it can be. That dedication makes him a great employee, even if his approach is overwhelming.

However, this doesn’t mean he gets to dictate every part of every project.

2. Ask questions

How do others in your office respond to this controlling colleague? Does anybody ever say anything?
Chances are if this person is still firing out orders, very few (if any) people in your workplace have made an attempt to refute the demands.So, instead of just accepting this person’s directions and criticisms and then muttering under your breath, encourage a thoughtful conversation about the course of your project.

Follow up on his or her demands with questions. The person will have no option but to explain their reasoning and open up a dialogue about the to control your boss

3. Voice your opinions

Control freaks tend to think their methods are superior to everyone else’s. But, you’re still entitled to some self-direction and independence. So, if you flat out disagree with him, don’t hesitate to speak up. If the person is on the same level as yours, explain your side of the story and tell them that you don’t feel a need to justify every single one of your choices.If the person is your boss, it’s better to explain your approach towards the project. If your reasoning’s valid and still getting the desired result, it’ll be harder for your boss to disagree.

4. Avoid arguing

Dealing with a control freak can be an aggravating experience and sometimes he or she is so blinded by the conviction that a productive, balanced conversation becomes difficult. But, at all costs, avoid getting into a heated argument.

5. Request mediation

If you reach a point where you realize you cannot agree with this person on any matter, enlist some help. If you’re on a level playing field where neither one of you has the upper hand, approach a superior to mediate the situation.

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