Finding and Keeping Love Online

Finding love through online dating sites is now one of the most popular ways that couples meet in today’s technology dominated world. The online dating industry was expected to generate 2.1 billion US dollars in revenue in 2014. A couple of years back it was only those people who felt they had no other recourse who went online to meet potential romantic partners. But with the invasion of technology the stigma associated with meeting people online has reduces significantly. Research shows that more than one-third of married couples in the UK and Us have meet online.

Today the choices young people have are unlimited. There are apps like tinder where you swipe right for like, left for dislike and you end up meeting a person for a quick or slow (depending on how you like it) session of you-know-what. But, this is not for a long term relationship and is at best superficial. If you are looking for that elusive Mr or Ms Right, there are many apps for that too. Twine Canvas is a dating app that lets you explore mutual interests and you get to know the person a little better as you compare personalities instead of pictures. You can choose to remain anonymous while chattting with the other person. You can choose when you want to reveal your picture, make a connection, take things further or make a graceful exit.

For every wonderful aww-inducing online love story though, there are several awful ones. One never knows who one is interacting with. In a connected world, hiding behind masks, fake profiles and names and creating compelling personas is as easy as rustling up a meal of instant noodles. A few minutes are all it takes and the game is on. You

Online dating

can be whoever you want to be. You do not have to dress up, make an effort or even step out of the house. Websites have tried to eliminate the probability of any wrong happening. For instance, there is a site called ‘Jess meet Ken’, where a woman can ‘recommend’ or post the profile of a male friend who may not be right for her but could be great for someone else. The website says that there is a real Jess and a real Ken and they are now married with three children, and this, in fact, was how they met. Since the profiles here are recommended by people, the chances of creeps interacting with you minimised.

Just like the dating apps that are customised to suit your needs, the choices for being connected today are unlimited.

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