Enjoy rains in a healthy way

Given how scorching the summers have been this year, everyone is eagerly waiting for the monsoons to arrive. And most cities have been lucky enough to receive a few drops of rain already. However, while it brings immense relief to all of us, it is imperative that we follow a few basic precautions to take care of our health.Keeping a watch on things like your food habits and ensuring not to get drenched every time it pours (no mat ter how inviting the idea seems!) can go a long way in ensuring that you do not fall ill. Here are a few basic tips to deal with the monsoon season:

Drink lots of water because during this season, sweat does not evaporate quickly, preventing the body from releasing heat. Also, drink warm beverages like ginger tea.rain season

Eat lots of fruits and wash your fruitsvegetables well.

During monsoons it is important that you observe some basic precautions to keep ailments at bay

Try and avoid street food as much as possible during this season, as they are likely to contain bacteria. After all, homemade food is the best!

Use mosquito nets, creams and repellents to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Avoid walking into dirty puddles of water.

The showers outside may hamper your exercise routine. Make up for it by exercising at home.