Earn from your blog or website

How much is enough? How many visitors, subscribers, comments, tweets and Facebook fans do you need to achieve your goals for your website?

Different Approaches for Earning a Living from Your Website

Approach 1: build a site so massive you can attract advertisers

When people first start thinking about earning a living online, advertising is usually the revenue source that comes to mind first. “I’ll just build a really popular site and then slap some ads on it” is the type of thing newbie entrepreneurs might think.

But here is the reality of online advertising. Advertising won’t pay you anything significant unless you attract massive traffic. And even when you have that massive traffic, the payout is probably much lower than you can earn through other revenue models.

Another thing to note about advertising is that it generally isn’t even an option for smaller sites. Advertisers want to reach a large audience, and they don’t deal much with sites which have less than 100k page views per month. Google Adsense and some other advertising networks will work with smaller sites, but the CPM rates tend to be lower.earn money from a website

Approach 2: forget about advertisers and maximize your value per visitor

The three other most common revenue models online are: selling products, selling services and affiliate marketing. I assume you know what selling products and services is about, but maybe you’re new to the concept of affiliate marketing. Essentially, affiliate marketing is when another business pays you a commission for referring customers.

The big wildcard in all of this is how interested your visitors are in what your site offers. This is known as targeting. Essentially, the more interest a visitor has in your topic, the more likely they will be to purchase something from you or perform other actions you want them to.

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