If you’ve ever had your bags misplaced by airlines, you will appreciate the CheckSmart Luggage Tracker from Victorinox. This palmsized gizmo is powered by dual alkaline AA batteries and uses GSM cell towers at airports to track your luggage’s location.

The CheckSmart Luggage Tracker is made for all who travel by plane and like knowing that their luggage is safe. Just download the free mobile app, place the tracker in your bag and get a notification with the bag’s location upon arrival. It’s as simple as that! You no longer have to worry about misplaced baggage, and you can enjoy your travels from day one.

Setting it up requires you to create an account ­ enter your e-mail address and mobile number, and register your tracker via its unique serial number ­ on the Victorinox website. You will also need to install the CheckSmart app on your Android or iOS phone and sign in to it with your ID.

After that, whenever you travel, simply turn on the device, and place it into your luggage. The tracker independently puts itself into sleep mode to conform with airline regulations and wakes upon landing. After arrival, you will receive a notifica tion of the bag’s location by e-mail and text message. A single app can be used to manage multiple trackers, depending on the pieces of luggage you need to locate.CheckSmart

It should be noted that CheckSmart does not use GPS, and is dependent on the worldwide database of GSM cell tower information.This is because GPS generally does not oper ate within airport terminals and baggage loading areas. Also, the tracker does not work in countries such as Japan and South Korea that do not use GSM networks.

The device comes with a two-year warranty , and you get a free subscrip tion to the service for the first year, after which you will have to pay an annual service fee of $20. That said, the CheckSmart Luggage Tracker will immediately notify you of your baggage’s location as soon as you have landed, thus saving you the trauma of having to deal with clueless airline staff.