Chane Your Karma and Alter Your Destiny

It is said that we are making fresh karma every moment and that every thought has to materialise.If a person had some thoughts about a realised guru and those thoughts were not fulfilled during that lifetime, would the guru have to take birth again to fulfil the thoughts of the other person, inducing the cycle of birth and death endlessly?

The concept of karma is a very different concept from the concept of thoughts and feelings, and a difficult concept to understand. Karma has been classified into prarabdha karma, karma of destiny; sanchita karma, accumulated karma; and many other divisions: individual karma, social karma, global karma and universal karma.

We all create mentally, we all think.However, that does not mean that the person we have thought about is forced to act according to these thoughts and wishes. You come across many people in your lifetime with whom you want to live, study, marry, or just be with. If that is not possible for some reason, what you are asking is, “Does that person again come back as your husband or wife?“ If it were so you would have 10 husbands or 10 wives, because our likes and dislikes change constantly. We think and create situations in our minds; we create karmas and eliminate karmas every moment.karma and destiny

I think this example of a guru is not really a correct one, because if it can apply to a guru, it can apply to your girlfriend or boyfriend as well. It can apply to your father and mother, your son and daughter too, because the feeling is the same. As far as the law of karma is concerned, there is a process of elimination. The same is true with thoughts: you think, then you eliminate the thought, it goes away and another thought comes, then it goes away and another thought comes, then another.

If all the thoughts were retained in the mind you would go crazy , because you do not know how to eliminate karmas consciously , wilfully; whether through action, meditation, bhakti yoga or jnana yoga, nobody knows! How is it done? What is the process? What is the system? Internally , something is constantly eliminating, changing and destroying sanchita karma, the karma that we accumulate in our day-to-day life, and it retains only those karmas which affect our life very deeply.

Most of the karmas that are related to the empirical objective world, the experience of time, space, object and senses, are easy to eliminate. However, karma which goes beyond the scope of the senses, mind, intellect, emotions, time, space and object is difficult to manage. This is known as prarabdha karma, the karma of destiny .

I am sure that by thinking that you want to study under this guru or the other guru, you do not create prarabdha karma. It only remains a thought unless you are powerful enough to bring about a total change in the structure of karma which is related to you and the other person. For that you will need to be either a complete lunatic or a Self-realised person, because only these two types of people can do it. People in-between cannot do it.

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