Cancer cases up 9% in 4 years

Cases of cancer, considered the worst of all maladies, have been rising 2-3% across the country , show data and estimates from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

The figures extrapolated from cancer registries across the country show that if 10.28 lakh Indians were diagnosed with cancer in 2011, the number swelled by roughly 9% to 11.18 lakh in 2014. Correspondingly , the number of deaths increased, from 4.52 lakh in 2011 to 4.92 lakh in 2014. Every year, about four out of 10 cancer patients (or 40%) die. The rate can be as high as 70% for some types of cancer.cancer cases

So, is India witnessing a surge in cancer cases? Given the above numbers and social facts such as rapid westernization of diet and increasing stress and pollution levels, it would seem so. But cancer specialists and epidemiologists beg to differ: there is no cancer epidemic sweeping across the country , they insist.They say the increase in numbers is in sync with the population increase. Dr Rajendra Badwe, di rector of Tata Memo rial Centre in Parel, said: “As the population increases and the proportion of people over 40 years increases, cancer cases in absolute numbers will increase.” The ICMR data, which was presented in the Lok Sabha in July 2014 by the Union health minister, showed mortality rate due to cancer is as high as 40%. “It would not be wrong to say that cancer mortality is around 40%. In certain cancers, depending on the stage at which it is discovered, the mortality rates are over 70%.

Source : Times of India 4th Feb’2016