Blogging has become a remunerative occupation

More and more people taking up blogging as a parallel occupation besides their primary employment. There are various topics you can choose from to experiment with, thereby creating a niche set of followers.The continuous flow of readers’ feedback and wide coverage not only help a personal blogger create a brand identity and rake in the moolah but also gain a huge fan following.


The world of blogging welcomes creative minds with open arms. Not only does it open newer avenues for those who are passionate about their area of interest, it also acts as a platform to share your thoughts with a wider audience and reach out to many like-minded people.While writing a review or a sponsored post, a personal blogger should follow a structured approach including the key brand requirements. However, you need to devote some time to making cosmetic changes before hitting the publish button since the posts are generally a balanced mix of photographs and text. Shuffling through the top Indian blogs in each category, rated by renowned blogging forums, could be your code to self improvement.


A personal blogger creates his/her unique audience through a distinct expression and leverages it with experience.He can even take up blogging professionally. As a personal blogger, you must have a concrete opinion on a particular topic as that is what helps define your readership. For those inclined towards blogging, good knowledge of the specific area of interest, strong social networking credentials and smart marketing skills are a must.


A blogger might initially have to approach brands PR based on his/her strength in content and social connections, but with experience, offers start flowing in steadily. Once a blogger is engaged with multiple brands, he can tabulate the average `reach’ of a post for future reference. There are free tools available on the internet to calculate your social media reach. In case of brand endorsements, bloggers are currently the first choice of many renowned brands because of their unique and authentic point of view. Blogging trips and conferences happen frequently across the country backed by powerful brands. However, you need to adhere to a specific genre of blogging to monetise it. Microblogging, V-blogging and Instagram blogging are also becoming increasingly popular these days.Based on brand endorsements, bloggers are even earning in sixdigit figures per month. Content writing and blogging are analogous and content is the king in both the areas.blogging profession


Presentation of your perspective in lucid and grammatically correct language is imperative for success. Consistency of content and regular interaction with readers, too, cannot be ignored. Bloggers should also choose a simple yet professional template for the blog that loads seamlessly in every browser. For promotion, cross social media sharing, including Twitter and Instagram, is beneficial. It is also advisable to try and incorporate as many back-links as possible in blogs. Bloggers can register on various forums and take part in blogging activities to hone their skills. Without fretting over blog stats like views and hits, it is wise to focus on the content, which would automatically lead to increased views. While promoting brands, remember that the blogger has been chosen by the brand as a reviewer and not as a brand ambassador.


Many personal bloggers turn full-time content writers for leading websites like Lonely Planet, Mashable, etc. Fresh entrants can expect Rs 2,500 per blog. The blogger’s remuneration entirely depends on his creation and has no upper limit.

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