The best dates of your life

Your first two dates have been a success, and you are sure a spark exists between the two of you ­ a spark that goes beyond the hormonal fluttering you experience on seeing or hearing from him.Now is the time to get to know each other better while keeping the pace light and flirtatious.

Plan a third date that involves three things that both of you like. Eating out and dancing? Kick off your date with a game of foosball, hit the newest restaurant in town and go dancing at a club. See how each activity brings you just a little closer?
That’s no coincidence.


Nothing helps dissipate the tension after a fight than a little humour. Book tickets to your favourite stand-up comedian’s gig and watch how a few shared laughs, followed by a walk back home, makes you both feel lighter. Or take the Ted Mosby (the eternal romantic from How I Met Your Mother) route. Go over-the-top to charm your partner. Recalled *Karthika S, copywriter, “I had really enjoyed watching Raavan and the beautiful locales it was shot in.I had told my boyfriend I’d love to visit these places. But the film’s locations weren’t revealed at the time. After a particularly terrible fight, he surprised me tracking down the waterfall in the movie and booked us a holiday there!“ That is a `Mosby moment’.

Dating isn’t just meant for new lovers.You can plan a date to get your relationship out of the rut, to increase intimacy etc.


“It was early in our relationship, some six months into it, when we decided to relive the good ol’ days. So we spent a weekend walking through the corridors and eating cheap, yummy lunches in the canteens of our respective colleges.

We swapped our teenage stories and fell a little bit more in love with each passing moment,“ says *Ritika Das, 26, advertising professional. She and her partner might be onto something here. Your college days were a part of the most formative years of life, and sharing those memories is a way of giving your future a key to your past.


As American author Mark Twain put it, “I have found out there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.“dating

You can’t hide your imperfections when you have to spend at least five days together and with very few other distractions. Hit the road. Celebrating your yearlong relationship with a road trip is the perfect way to test the strength of your bond. Go off the grid entirely to really spend some quality, solitary time, away from the world, and let the sights and sounds guide you home.


You have weathered storms, ridden through the highs and lows and have finally settled into a comfort zone. Now is the time to get back to doing something challenging again. Plan a day-long date that could either involve new things or a simple movie-and-dinner routine, but video or photo blog this date to create digital memories that will last a lifetime ­ even if you’re very private as a couple. It’s good to tread unchartered territories, at times, as a challenge. It’s also a way of declaring to the world that this, right here, is the moment you lived.