6 fashion myths busted

Many fashion rules that most women follow can severely stunt the growth of their wardrobes. It’s time to dispel the fashion myths doing the rounds and bring out the fashionista in you.

Myth 1: Tall women can’t wear heels


Despite her tall stature, Deepika Padukone does not shy away from wearing heels. All you need is some confidence to pull it off. Tall or short, you can’t go wrong with heels.

Myth 2: No minis on women over 35


Take a cue from hotties like Jennifer Aniston or closer home Bipasha Basu and show off those sexy legs. The trick is to keep your dress and make up simple and let your clothes do the talking.fashion myths

Myth 3: Short women can’t wear long dresses


Contrary to popular belief, short girls need not avoid long dresses. In fact, if the fitting is right, it can end up flattering your petite figure.

Myth 4:

Mixing bright colours is a disaster


Mixing bright colours can actually look quite chic and trendy if worn right. Take a cue from Emma Stone (top right) wearing this bright red and fuchsia pink dress. The key is too keep the accessories and make up minimal.

Myth 5:

Curvy women can’t wear skinny jeans


Untrue. If you got it, flaunt it! Skinny jeans not only highlight your legs, they accentuate your figure as well. You can pair them with a sleek white shirt or a loose blouse with a pair of sexy heels to go with them.

Myth 6:

Sequins can only be worn in the day


Sequins can easily be worn during the day. The shimmering embroidery looks glamourous and trendy and can be donned at any hour of the day.