100 times faster camera

Scientists have improved upon a camera technology that can take images 100 times faster than today’s cameras.

The new technology also opens possibilities for studying ultrafast processes such as neurons firing, chemical reactions, fuel burning or chemicals exploding.

Researchers, led by Lihong V Wang from Washington University previously developed a single-shot compressed ultrafast photography camera that can capture images at 100 billion frames per second in a single camera exposure. It is the world’s fastest receive-only camera, meaning that it can use available light for imaging and does not need additional illumination. The new method improves the resolution and quality of images captured with CUP.hight speed camera

Using the new camera with a microscope could allow them to watch neurons fire by capturing extremely fast chemical processes called action potentials that travel through an axon at speeds that can reach more t’han 100 metres per second. Researchers are particularly interested in understanding how the brain’s neural networks operate.